SotM Africa 2023: Think Global, Map Local

Welcome to the bid proposal page for hosting the State of the Map Africa 2023 in Yaoundé, Cameroon



Dear colleagues and friends,

We cordially invite you to participate to the SOTM Africa 2023 conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The date of the event also coincides with the third edition of the SOTM Cameroon an event that brings together open-minded, creative and forward-thinking individuals... It will be jointly organized by GeOsm Family and the Yaounde City Council and it will be supported by all relevant local major sectors, such as the academia, the government and the private practitioners.
At this event we expect around 500 participants ! The YAOUNDE TOWNHALL is an excellent venue and our local organising members are experienced professionals and great hosts. They have successfully organized several memorable events… Get a Look at the Understanding Risk Cameroon 2020.

We encourage all who have an interest on Open Mapping technologies to participate actively as we are sure that this Conference will prove to be highly successful and rewarding for all. This is an exceptional platform for industry practitioners, innovators, scientists, researchers, academics and students to discuss current research which is shaping a new world society.

With great enthusiasm we look forward to welcoming you in Yaounde in 2023 !

Please explore the website for more information. Enjoy.

The GeOsm Family

GeOsm Family aims to popularize the uses of free geographic information for the actors of the digital ecosystem

Willy Franck SOB (GeOsm Family) ; Arielle KOUMA (GeOsm Family) ; Marie MAKUATE (GIS for Kids); Carole YAKANA (Yaounde City Council); David DONFACK (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development)… Are the members of the local organizing committee with the support of :
Ibrahima Cissé (West & North Africa Open Mapping Hub), Teg-Wende Idriss Tinto (West & North Africa Open Mapping Hub), Carter Draper (West & North Africa Open Mapping Hub), Roufaye Issaka (West & North Africa Open Mapping Hub), Aissatou Sow (West & North Africa Open Mapping Hub), Elhadji Ndiaye (West & North Africa Open Mapping Hub)

Why Cameroon?

  • Because the centroid of Africa in OSM is located in Cameroon ... Get a look



Cameroon is described as "Africa in miniature", with reference to the fact that the country offers most of Africa's diversity from cultural (with French and English as its two official languages) to it's diverse landscapes that represent the continent's major climatic zones. There are over three hundred (300) tourist sites in Cameroon and its 258 ethnic groups offer equally as many traditions as cultural diversities. It will be a great honor and offer for Cameroon to be the host for 2023 SOTM annual conference as this will create an impact on the local communities as well as Africa in general.


Yaoundé, nicknamed "City of Seven Hills", is the political capital of Cameroon. Getting your orientation right can be very challenging. At 750 m above sea level with a beautiful view of green surrounding the city, Yaounde provides its visitor with very pleasant scenic views and mild climatic condition throughout the year.

Founded in 1888 during the period of the German protectorate, Yaoundé was occupied by Belgian troops in 1915 and was declared the capital of French Cameroun in 1922. From 1940 to 1946 it was replaced as the capital by Douala, but after independence it became the seat of the government of Cameroun in 1960, of the federal government in 1961, and of the united republic in 1972.


Yaoundé Council Hall has a regional and national reputation for hosting events. This versatile building can accommodate all types of professional meeting. It can host a conference of 1 to 1,000 people in the concert hall, using other rooms for small groups, meetings, and small eating areas.

FYI: We also have two higher education institutions in the city who agree to host the event: 1) The National Polytechnic School (ENSP) & 2) The National Advanced School of Public Works (ENSTP)


Understanding Risk Cameroon : The Second Edition !

Understanding Risk (UR) is a global community of disaster risk management (DRM) practitioners that exchange knowledge, collaborate, and share best practices in the field of disaster risk assessment. Every two years, GeOsm Family organizes an event focused on national Disaster Risk Management and capacity building issues.

The Second Edition of UR Cameroon conference will take place two days prior to SOTM Africa 2023.

The 237 Digital Innovation : Network meeting of Key Actor for Digital Innovation in Cameroon

Cameroon has a high potential and great amount of entrepreneurs and developers for digital Innovation. Recently we mapped out several key actors that are part of the digital ecosystem, but unfortunately there are no existing platforms to exchange and discuss regularly about developments and possible collaborations within this ecosystem.

This Network meeting intend to give Actors from Innovation and -Tech Centres, Spatial Data Specialists, ICT Entrepreneurs and Developers as well as Universities an opportunity to exchange, discuss and develop Ideas and proposals to promote and strengthen the ICT Ecosystem in Cameroon. Furthermore three key questions will guide the Agenda of the Meeting

  • - How can we achieve with Innovation income relevant impacts for entrepreneurs?
  • - How can we promote local development through the digital Innovation?
  • - How best cooperate with the Economy, the Diaspora and Government?



A full technical program with technical and social activities will be offered. The SOTM Africa 2023 Conference program will feature an exciting and insightful technical program with local and international practitioners, allied professionals and academics speaking on their field of expertise. 

The final program will be agreed with the global organization committee.

UR Cameroon Press Conference

Registration for the UR Cameroon Conference

Opening Ceremony

Technical Session 1

Technical Session 2

technical Session 3

Plenary Session

UR Cameroon closing Ceremony

SOTM Africa 2023 Welcome Reception

SOTM Africa 2023 Opening Ceremony

Technical Sessions 1,2,3

Plenary Session

Networking Dinner

Technical Sessions

Closing ceremony & Gala Dinner

Recreational Activities and Animations


SOTM Africa 2023 Press Conference


An excellent program of Social Functions has been put together for the SOTM Africa 2023 Conference that promises delegates a tantalizing taste of  some of the great locations, cuisine and performance art of Yaoundé and Cameroon.


National Museum
Included in the registration fee

Organized transportation provided

You are kindly invited to the Welcome Reception at the National Museum, the largest museum in Cameroon with the most impressive collection of national treasures. Through more than 200 artefacts, it tells the story of the cameroonian lands and nation.


The Mfoundi Waterfalls
Included in the registration fee

Organized transportation provided

The Mfoundi Waterfalls is the perfect place for an informal gathering open to all participants of the SOTM Afraica 2023 Conference. It offers a buffet and gives the opportunity to reconnect with old acquaintances and make some new contacts. This is an extraordinary place for focusing on communication and networking. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their interesting research projects, latest products and ideas to an audience of professionals.


Yaoundé Council Hall
Included in the registration fee

For the highlight of the social events programme of SOTM Africa 2023 Conference, we are delighted to invite you to the Gala Dinner - full of excellent food, good music, stylish ambience and cultural insights. This night will be the perfect occasion to share knowledge with colleagues, to be entertained and to celebrate your latest scientific achievements in the exclusive atmosphere of the Yaounde Town Hall.

We hope you will join us for this special night of networking, good cheer and food delights in the heart of Yaounde. Feel free to register and invite your colleagues and friends.


Breakfast departure to park semi-natural Mefou, sanctuary of gorillas and chimpanzees - Departure for Ebogo - boat ride on the river Nyong - butterflies photo safari - lunch (fish freshwater river) – relaxation and sports end-afternoon return to Yaounde

Because we want to include a little more than Yaoundé at the SOTM Africa 2023 Conference, we will first make a stop at the Mefou National Park just a couple of hours away from Yaoundé. Mefou Park is known as the Primate sanctuary, its full of chimpanzee, gorillas, and monkeys. Here you'll be able to see them and also to walk through numerous nature trails. We will continue our short trek into the forest and your eyes will witness one of the greatest attractions in the entire natural world of Africa - the biggest and the oldest trees that are 1000 or more years old! The site has several biodiversity hotspots and includes many wild animals, endemic bird species, tons of fish species, hundreds of butterflies, and many other tree species. Afterward, you will head out for a canoe trip through the Nyong River, at noon you will be arriving at the Ebogo Village. Relaxation is the best word to describe this village since you can listen to the birds sound and check the variety of mangrove trees that surrounds it. We will finally enjoy lunch in a restaurant with local food. We will propose a whole range of activities combining relaxation and sport to animate our excursion. Bringing the tour to an end, we will drive back to Yaounde.


As for each edition of the SOTM Africa, we have designed this interactive platform! Our community besides having very good mappers is also constituted of very good footballers... WE ARE READY FOR THE CHALLENGE !!!

We Need You!

We will be very happy to establish a partnership with you as we see it beneficial for both your insitution and the development of our community. If you are interested in working with us ...




Visa-exempt foreign nationals:  Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria

Special passports:   holders of diplomatic or service category passports issued to nationals of China, Italy and Turkey do not require a visa. Holders of diplomatic and service passports can obtain a visa on arrival if they have a mission order and a return ticket.

Nationalities subject to visa:   citizens of all other nationalities can obtain their visa in embassies.

We would like to advice that visas will only be issued by the Cameroon diplomatic and consular representations. No visas can be issued upon arrival in Cameroon. The participants who are citizens of countries requiring visas should submit a filled application form, passport photo and regular travel document with at least six months validity. The participants should also present a letter-invitation from the host organization and other documents if needed.

To apply for a VISA you will need to submit an Invitation Letter to the Embassy. You can receive Invitation Letter from the Conference Organizers that will confirm that you are a participant in the conference. To obtain an Invitation Letter you have to send a copy of your passport via e-mail. On the copy, your full name, date of birth, date of expiry and the passport number should be clearly visible.

You can receive an Invitation Letter once you have successfully completed your registration and paid your registration fee. Keep in mind that you should apply for a VISA no later than 1 month prior to the conference, as it takes time for VISA issuing.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us

Note: a passenger who does not have Cameroonian identity papers (passport or identity card) is considered as a foreign passenger even if he / she has a multi-citizenship and must therefore be in possession of a visa .


The local organising committee have negotiated attractive room rates with various hotels in different price categories to ensure you the best possible rate. The special rates only apply to participants of the conference and are available only when booking is made via the registration form when you register for the conference.  Please note that all prices include breakfast, VAT and all taxes.

During the conference a few members of the local community offer a free co-rent for those who will not have the financial means to pay a hotel ... there will be 100 places available ! if you are interested do not hesitate to contact us. An arrangement is also being negotiated with the various embassies to provide Accommodation for nationals of their country.


Watch this video

The short film that we present will give you some ideas about our activities in Cameroon.


542 Rue de Melen, Yaoundé Cameroun


(+237) 690 34 25 46